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Cutting up the bombe

We recently replaced both bombes on an E32 M70 Alpina. Shogun immediately took a hacksaw and cut up an old one.
This photo shows the rubber diaphram in place. Difficult to see but there is a light gauge metal ring that locks the diaphram
to the bombe. We also made a video here.

this is without the diaphram

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Cutting up the E32

Rubber pipe is the RHS sunroof drain

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Prototype PVC for Shogun's M70

We had been thinking for some time about how to cut the oil consumption of Shogun's M70 as well as those of friends.
The following is just a proof-of-concept model. I do not think that the pipes used will last any length of time. But it might give you some ideas!
We ran it on the expressway for about 1 hour -- no failure so far, but no oil was collected.
Only the leftside done so far. Rightside will be more difficult to do.
Any comments welcomed.

First, the all important fact, about 5$ in cost.
Short lengths of 16mmOD aand 22mmOD plastic reinforced pipe -- I selected this type only 'cause you can see inside.
The 22mm is needed to fit the large outlet of the PCV assembly.
NOTE: The original PCV assembly is used as is, only the heavy rubber vacuum pipe is replaced.
The 16mm is needed to fit the nipple on the intake manifold.
The 16mm is a simple push fit into the 22mm.

Simple brass Y-branch.
The long pipe is the oil catch tube - should point downwards when installed. We plugged the end with a suitable bolt.
The short pipe fits on the intake nipple.

PCV assembly reinstalled

The leftside is relatively easy, the rightside will need more thought as there is less space.

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