Fixes - Subframe

Replace the beer cans

If your rear end of your car feels like it wants to dance around when you want to go straight then it is possible that your beer cans are shot.
BMW was one of the first to mount the suspension to a steel subframe that was attached to the body by specially designed/tuned rubber components.
Good condition beer cans are critical to achieving the original BMW handling feel.
Not difficult to replace and will take only 2 hours - if you have a good puller/installer system!
17mm and 13mm sockets are needed, as well as a heavy hammer.

1. move the rear seats forward as far as possible or remove - all that is needed is access the body in the region of the seat belt mounting bolt. Break
the black tar/plastic type plug covering the retaining bolt -- not replaceable and not necessary -- it is only there to stop dirt etc. from falling into the mounting socket.

2. jack up the rear of the car and remove both rear wheels. Do this work on level ground and use jack stands to support the car.

3. remove the two 13mm bolts and the 17mm nut from the bear can retaining plate (part #5 below)

4. Use the hammer to drive the retaining pin up and out of its mounting socket in the body. This pin has splines just under its head and can be difficult to shift.
We sprayed the head from inside the car with thread release but it was still tough.

5. We had a Shogun special tool, the beer can puller deluxe! The photo below shows the tool in the removal configuration.
The emergency method is to cut/break the rubber parts out of the old beer can and then use a saws-all to cut the steel barrel -- not recommended.

6. Install the new beer can - there are two dimples in the subframe and these must match the two grooves in the beer can. We sprayed the outside with silicon lube to
make installation easier.

7. Reinstall retaining plates etc. Now go and enjoy the new car handling!

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Replace the dogbones

Since replacing the rear shock bump stops and rubber boots Shogun was really bothered by an intermittant knock from the rear suspension. We found that by bouncing the rear of the car up and down we could trigger the "knock" and traced it to the left side dogbone. This was relatively new, about 5-6 months old, brand is Karlyn.
When the rear of the car bounces up and down there is a lot of twisting action at the dogbone.
We replaced it and the knock has disappeared.
The replaced dogbone looks perfect but something must be wrong internally.

Time taken: 1 hour
Tools: regular hand tools, 22 mm socket and 22 mm ring spanner.
Manpower: 1 guy (an attitude helps)

Jack up the rear of the car, place jack stands on both sides, and remove the rear wheel on the side to be replaced.
One 22 mm bolt attaches the outer dogbone ball joint to the rear arm.
The other 22 mm bolt (long) has a nut.
Dogbone is part # 6 below.

Switch in the new dogbone and replace everything.

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