Fixes - LAD

Resolder and fix the mustard relay (Type SKM printed on the case)

All E32's using the LKM-B are likely to suffer intermittent/continuous failures of side parking lights or rear tail lights.
The problem is that the relay's design leads to cracks in the solder and/or failure of the mechanical contacts in the mustard relay.

Here is the location of the relay

Remove the relay by simply pulling it straight up
the photos below show
Top left: opening the case
Top right: location of solder cracks
Bottom left: top view of the relays
Bottom right: we found that even after resoldering the failed joints one relay was still not working well.
The problem was that the relay points were not fully touching when the relay was activated. We simply bent the
relay arm slightly to put more pressure on the contacts and cleaned the contact surfaces with fine emery paper.
Note: BMW charges some 57$ for a new relay but Audi VW part number 447959875 (electric window control by Hella)
is cheaper and is a direct fit!

The empty mustard relay (Type KSS  -- shown on the case below) -- if you have the LKM-B model

The LKM-B contains the relay functions for the park and tail lights so the mustard relay is basically just a set a direct bridges as shown below

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